About Hand on Heart Care

We are a newly established care business. We are a group of friends, with a combined experience and capability in Health and Social Care Services in the UK for over 20 years.

We would like to offer you and anyone you might know who would benefit from a personalised care service.

It is our involvements and working within these sectors and having also had personal experience of caring for our loved ones in the family that gives us an insight about how to design and deliver a personalised home care service.

We have learnt over the years about inconsistency and poor quality as well as many other gaps in domiciliary care services and we would like to sincerely try and address these issues for you. Our clients are the forefront of our business; we have designed our services focusing on our clients and their needs. We believe that together with our qualified care workers’ and inputs from our most valuable clients we can develop a robust care service, which is of the highest standard and quality.

We will operate through a strong management in the background, whilst an experienced manager will serve you with some well-trained and dedicated staff.

Our staff are handpicked for their experience; for their dedication to care work; empathy for our clients; for being responsible and hard-working. We train our staff in-house by only to a highest of standard, and we also make sure of our staffs continuous professional and personal development.

We would carefully identify and match each client with a care worker as closely as possible to the client’s personality, needs and preferences. Our experience tells us that consistency in delivering a service is the ultimate essence of its success and we are aware that a change in support worker may become necessary. This could be due to illnesses/emergencies or holidays.

We would have a clear contingency plan so our services are delivered without any disruption to our client. We plan to introduce more than one care workers to our client as a back-up so you do not have to face up to a stranger every time there is a necessary for a temporary change.

We regularly carry out spot checks to make sure that our clients are receiving the services that they have chosen through us, are paying for it to be a value for money and are happy with our services.

Once in touch with us, we would like our clients to feel that they are part of this family in “Hand on Heart’; remain happy at all times and hope to have the desire therefore to stay with us as long as possible.

We are here to listen and to help!